The Centric Brands Challenge

The pandemic challenged hundreds of companies worldwide to reduce costs, and Centric Brands, headquartered in New York City, was one of them.

The firm decided to move its Help Desk operation to Costa Rica and asked CRG to manage the process.

Considering that this is a leading group of lifestyle brands, you can imagine the task was complex.

Its brands include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Under Armor, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Timberland, Kenneth Cole, and Jessica Simpson, as well as Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers, among others.

Our team took on the challenge!

Several obstacles stood in the way of our client, for example, tickets were not answered promptly or passed on to other dependencies without being addressed. There was a similar problem with knowledge management since there was no one to systematically transfer it.

Our solution
CRG defined escalation processes and hired a Training Manager to ensure knowledge would be appropriately shared.

With the implementation of Business Intelligence, Centric also gained valuable insight into events occurring within its own operation that they hadn’t been aware of.

When communication became more complex, we always opted for dialogue and responded to difficult comments using an action plan. In this way, we improved our credibility with our client, because if we said that we would make a change, we actually implemented it.

The client recently congratulated our team for his titanic effort, for collaborating and finding solutions to any requests or incidents that may arise.

They expressed their desire to continue working in partnership with the CRG team.

We provide individualized services and are available for clients when they need us. We can do the same for you.

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