Open a contact center in two weeks

Open a contact center in two weeks

A client from the United States initially came to us with a request for a specialized search for a software engineer. They noticed that CRG provided particular attention and personalized treatment to their needs on that occasion.

Later, another division of the same company sought us out to take on a challenge. They had two weeks to set up a Contact Center Hub in Costa Rica. Our team was happy to help.

The company that works through a mobile application requires 30 support specialists with experience in customer service and an excellent level of English.

Our solution
CRG began to collaborate closely with the client’s leadership team to understand their expectations of these candidates and to be able to accompany them in a selection process that was as simple and effective as possible.

After gathering our top people, CRG embarked on a hard-working operation to find, screen, evaluate, select, and hire the dream team. We accepted full responsibility and accountability for the work involved by taking ownership of the project.

In addition to our team, CRG also orchestrated everyone involved in this mission outside CRG, such as service providers and third-party vendors, to have the space and equipment necessary for our new hires to work.

The Result
The work was challenging, tiring, and time-consuming. But in the end, it was done by the deadline.

Our customer-centric spirit made us commit no matter the effort or cost.

Let us help you!

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