Next-Gen Location Migrations for Kontoor

Teams involved in the project: CRG Professional services handled the top-level store migration tasks such as POS, WLAN, LAN, IP Telephony, and SD-WAN for Implementation, Migration, and On-Going Support. At the same time, Smart Hands participated in each site and took over the coordination with Kontoor as well.

Executive summary:  While parting from their previous business allies, Kontoor Brands required IP telephony (Cisco, Avaya, Nortel) migration of over 150 sites to a cloud-based service, such as Microsoft Teams. Migration also included networks, SD-WAN and the Contact Center in America, Europe and Asia. ​​In addition, it involved using technology like SD-WAN, LAN Switching & Wireless, VolP and Unified Communications. 

Problem statement

Kontoor required CRG to lead and conduct the migration process, manage the new platform to be used, and support its use. In addition, Predictive and Passive Wireless Site Surveys were also to be conducted. This way, it was expected to ensure the best WiFI / SD-WAN performance.

A migration process was to be completed in a record time. In other circumstances, this project would have been conducted for about one year. In this case, however, the assigned teams took over the job to fit it for three months to complete the SD-WAN phase. The IP telephony phase was handled secondly for around five months. 

CRG had no access to each site until the last 48 hours before the migration process started in each location. These conditions made the teams complete a big part of the tasks while executing the process according to specific preset standards.

Another characteristic of the process was that each location had a different configuration. This part of the process required standardization in the SD-WAN migration from the original nets to Kontoor’s.

Learning about the time frame’s limits, CRG grouped three teams, each with two engineers and a Project Manager. To deliver each site on time, we divided the migration job working on two or three sites simultaneously. It required approximately 25 site migrations per week. 

In the case of the IP telephony, ​we programmed each migration process with a ​smart hands​ team on-site. Therefore, we could get an Internet connection from analogic to digital lines. 


CRG delivered what was requested for the IP telephony migration process, adjusting its capacities to the set deadlines by the client. Completing the project on time meant that Kontoor would have no penalties for delaying the migration on every site. 

Kontoor’s platform was updated to SD-WAN technology, adding saving to their operations costs and giving them a platform that they will be able to use for the following years. 

In the end, each personnel employed for this migrating task dedicated over 5.000 hours to the project. In addition, documentation was handled over the process, complementing a training process for those in Konvoor that will manage the new platforms shortly.

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