The interview: a crucial moment in CRG’s Talent Search process

The interview: a crucial moment in CRG’s Talent Search process

Our Talent Search team applies a 15-steps-process that includes detailed filters to find the perfect candidate that a company needs to succeed

In 30 or 60 minutes interviews, the final objective is to meet the candidate not just for their professional and technical skills but also for who she/he is. Gabriel Chinchilla, CRG’s Recruitment Manager for Latam, says that, in the end, this part of the process is vital to meet someone’s interest in the job, understand their concerns about the position or gather more information about the personality.

“Every step is as important as the rest, but maybe the interview is key, as there is when we meet the candidate. Questions are customized according to the job description; there is no standardized script. It’s common for us to have a call with the client to understand what they’re looking for. It’s then that we learn if they need certain experience or certification. We also understand how important is the company’s culture and if there’s any specific question we need to include”, explains Chinchilla.

How it works

Before conducting the interview, our team studies the CV thoroughly to understand the candidate’s strengths and opportunities and build a questionnaire. The experience will include technical questions but will have a humane factor that will give the candidate confidence and trust throughout the process. Therefore, the first question during the interview step is “describe yourself”, in the way of setting a connection. Our team will ask about daily interests and will make sure to smile while conducting the interview, to ensure the best environment possible during the experience.

We conduct interviews virtually. Sometimes the process includes just one interview, most of the time just by CRG’s personnel. However, in some cases, the client wants to conduct an additional interview to meet the candidate.

Some tips the candidate should follow

  1. Follow our social media. In our Instagram and Tik Tok accounts, we share constant content related to job interviews, including easy steps that will be of great help.
  2. We are just conducting virtual interviews. Get prepared to test the link in advance. It’s vital to turn on the camera to ensure it’s working correctly.
  1. It’s not all about technical knowledge. Check all of the job description details, and, if you’re having an interview with someone from CRG, read about the company in advance. We appreciate it when the person knows about our mission and our experience. It shows you’re interested. If you couldn’t achieve this for the first interview, it’s vital to do it for the second one.
  2. Find the best spot for the interview to occur. The background is not as crucial as your capability to focus. Choose a place where you can feel comfortable, with the slightest noise possible.
  3. There are no dress codes for interviews unless you’re being interviewed for an executive position. 

Follow up process

Though it’s feasible for some recruitment teams not to end hiring processes, in CRG we make sure to communicate the result after the process has been completed. We will reach back via e-mail, Teams, or by telephone. Linkedin might be an option as well.

After the interview in CRG’s Talent Search process, we keep track of each case, having constant contact with the candidate, especially when we know the process will take some time. So if you feel that weeks have passed and there is no news, feel free to reach out to the person you talked with. However, recruitment processes might take some time (sometimes it might take from two weeks to six months), It’s not disrespectful to ask about the status after some days or weeks have passed

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