Connectivity from scratch in an education complex

CRG participated in Holdsworth’s development with the strategic design of networks and connectivity hardware.

In 2021 The Holdsworth Center inaugurated its brand new $200 million complex in Texas, right next to Lake Austin. It’s an education center focused on leadership development that looks to improve the quality of public schools in Texas. Therefore, it receives educators throughout the year in what seems to be something close to a Country Club. The campus includes several two-store buildings with spaces like a coffee bar, a boathouse, and dormitories, among different facilities.

CRG participated in Holdsworth’s development with the strategic design of networks and connectivity hardware. In the most common scenarios the company has faced, we are used to becoming part of the projects when it’s time for reinstallation or modifications. However, in this case, CRG involvement started since the first design process.

To participate in the process, we started our involvement with the Customer Requirement Document (CRD). This material includes all the details of the initial situation, objectives and expected benefits of the whole network and its operation. The CRD helped in each area involved, including routing, switching, data center, wireless and security.

The second step was the High-Level Design. It included a radio frequency study to determine where to place each access point and define the connection’s reach. An architecture diagram was part of this step. During the Low-Level Design, we designed and configured each connectivity point for them to operate in the best possible way, being accurate on every aspect for further corrections and adjustments. 

Installation and implementation process

After we defined every access point and the roadmap, we looked for the final approval. Therefore, our team was ready to install all the equipment in the predefined locations. This part of the process counted with the support of additional documents, including Test Plan, with a checklist of each needed aspect. Besides this, we created a Network Ready for Use (NRFU) to certify that it is ready to carry the following production traffic.

After conducting the whole process related to connectivity, CRG was ready to become the support provider. In the follow-up steps, our responsibilities are more related to correct malfunctions or attend the modifications the client requires. The client needed us to finish the process in 10 months, covering the connectivity for a 16.000 m2 area, including indoor and outdoor wireless networks. 

Looking in retrospect, one of the best steps we took to ensure the project’s success was to have the best communication with Holdsworth personnel and the stakeholders in location and remotely. We understood what the infrastructure required and what it needed. Then, we worked in a coordinated and proactive way to deliver everything with a margin to improve the service with the change requests. 

We counted on the involvement of the Commercial Department, The Project Managers team, a CM, a Lead, and several software architects that worked remotely. Additionally, we received local providers’ support that helped define everything required to conduct the last tasks in the location.

As a company, we took advantage of our capability of conducting big projects integrally, with the leverage of a solid team. These considerations were of great help for Holdsworth to decide to keep working with us as support providers with a follow-up contract.

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