An Urgent Staff Augmentation Experience

An Urgent Staff Augmentation Experience

There are several reasons why a company finds excellent help to bring aboard new team members hired through third parties. We’ve talked about this in our blog. Earlier, in other blog posts, we’ve written about some circumstances in which Staff Augmentation is the right choice. 

Among all of the solutions that CRG provides, Staff Augmentation is the one in which we solve any need regarding the research and hiring process while looking for the best candidates. We ensure they will be aligned with the company’s needs and on time for the requirements.

The following positions are the ones that we look for more often, because of what is on-demand in the market:

  • Developers of several programming languages
  • Marketing specialists
  • Corporate Managers 
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • A 20+ positions adventure

Usually, for each position that we need to fill, the process requires us to look for, at least, three high-profile candidates. This allows us to give the client several profiles for them to compare among expertise or abilities.

In most cases, companies hire one or two professionals at a time. However, in 2021 a client reached CRG to look for over 20 positions that needed to be filled in less than two weeks. Their Contact Center was growing in attention via chat. The profile they needed was related to customer service.

This is an on-demand staffing app and we had worked with them previously, looking for new developers. 

In this case, the profile was addressed mainly to juniors. However, the main challenge was to find people that could be interested in the position for a long-term relationship, to avoid a staff turnover.

To start, the client filled out a mailing campaign to define more precisely the profile they needed. Then, we understood additional details. For example, they needed us to provide a space for the whole team of new workers once they were hired. In there, some guidelines were to be followed, for example, the colors of the walls and the rug. At the same time, we were looking for people with immediate availability.

Once we had the green light to move forward, we conducted the process mainly through Linkedin, with several of our team members focused only on this project, so we could achieve the goal of hiring 20+ people in two weeks. In the end, we found a whole team, including:

  • Community Operations Specialists
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Team Managers
  • There are some circumstances in which Staff Augmentation is the right choice.
  • How we made it possible

“Communication and teamwork were vital for us to be able to orchestrate this hiring process on time”, says Amanda Leandro, Account Manager at CRG. 

During the hiring process, besides the Staff Augmentation team members, Internal Operations participated to ensure that every new member of the team was going to have their own laptop and other requirements in their workspace. At the same time, Human Resources prepared the contracts and the onboarding process.

Since the original Staff Augmentation process for this client, the team keeps growing. Actually, there are over 30 professionals working together, while at least 85% of the original team members are still in the company.

Among our main learnings in this process was our ability to understand the urgency of the client, and react accordingly. Accepting the challenge and achieving the expected goals helped us to gain the confidence of the client for further Staff Augmentation processes.

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