Why will recruitment be a priority for companies in 2023?

Why will recruitment be a priority for companies in 2023?

Gartner, the information technology (IT) research and consultancy company, presented the results of its 2022 annual survey.

The company released the document after conducting interviews with more than 800 HR leaders. The recruitment priorities for companies in 2023 mentioned were divided into the following significant areas:

  • Employee Experience.
  • Leader and Management Effectiveness. 
  • Change Management.

When talking about people, interviewees mentioned recruiting as one of the five priorities for companies in 2023. The HR leaders’ perspective is to invest in building their teams with talent. This was the opinion of 46% of the interviewees. At the same time, 36% of them ensure that they need better sourcing strategies, as their actual is insufficient for finding the skills they are looking for.

Recruitment decisions

It seems that for a relevant number of companies, the financial perspective for 2023 is not as relevant as their need to fill new positions. Most of the talent is expected to be hired in 2023’s first semester, according to the recruitment priorities for companies in 2023. 

There’s a relevant element in recruitment decisions taken with data. This is the only way the companies will ensure an alignment between their growth and their strategy. The positions to be filled and their job description needs to consider shifting markets and the evolution of the business. About this, Gartner shares three strategies linked to recruitment provisions for 2023:

  • Build an intelligence-based sourcing capability.
  • Create an equitable internal labor market.
  • Build onboarding for engagement.

Besides Recruitment, the other cited priorities, according to Gartner’s survey are: Leader and Management Effectiveness, Organizational Design and Change Management, Employee Experience and Future of work. Read the study What Will HR Focus on in 2023?

How CRG works for recruitment strategies

One of CRG’s most effective services is talent acquisition. Our recruitment department looks for the employees your company needs, according to the specified requirements. One of our main benefits is making possible operations from remote countries, including legal protection. The following are some of the sub-services in our talent strategies:

  • Staff Augmentation: We provide the company with temporary staff to meet demands.
  • Nearshoring: When a company needs employees from a similar timezone and location to save money and improve efficiency.
  • Recruiting: We look for the talent needed according to the company’s strategy.
  • BOT: It works when a company needs us to build a team and, in the future, it becomes part of the company. 

Finally, you can set an appointment with us in case you want more information, after you learned about the recruitment priorities for companies in 2023.

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