What makes CRG’s Managed Services one of our pillars?

What makes CRG’s Managed Services one of our pillars?

One of CRG’s pillars includes a 24/7 extension of our customer’s IT Team. Our IT Managed Services have the tools and the people capable of handling solutions on every level.

Customized attention involves providing a fantastic service to internal and external clients according to everyone’s needs. 

We’ve built a system that fits perfectly regardless of the Industry or company size. It’s designed based on ITIL Frameworks for effectively managing IT services through the entire service lifecycle. 

So far, we’ve done processes in retail, hospitality, heavy machinery. As well in beverages industries and airports, to mention a few of the clients we’ve worked with. Ultimately, it’s a matter of understanding the business considering its focus. Businesses are looking for Consultant expert companies and there’s where CRG comes in. 

We’ve accumulated an experience that includes +15.000 monthly incidents, +3.000 monthly devices monitored and trilingual support (English, Spanish and Portuguese). And, as we want to bring value to a higher level in any service, we are ITIL and ISO 27001 Certified.

As we start, we agree with the customer on what they need, the scope of work, when we will hand it off to the PMO, and how to start the transition in the best manner.

In some cases, we design services from scratch, implement them, set the service operations, design the support tasks and set up a help desk that will help with the transition to the team in charge in the future. 

Some of the main benefits of our Management Services: 

  • Time savings by having complete visibility of the IT platform’s performance.
  • Real-time historical data to help the customer make prompt business decisions. 
  • Business continuity with daily backups and monthly vulnerability patching.
  • The quality team at any level ensures customer satisfaction and SLAs are always met.
  • Training team that speeds up process adoption and process improvement.
  • Access to Industry leading tools without hidden or extra feeds.

What else can you obtain with our involvement? 

CRG’s Managed Service adds solutions that save our costumes time and money in solving problems with a wide range of needs. We do this in two directions: Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Outsourcing Business Profit. We also provide resources both on-site and remotely. 

Working over the ITIL Frameworks model implies the capability of taking any section of the infrastructure and implementing it on customer-specific needs. This allows us to come in both in programmed tasks, but also in emergency-unplanned situations.

We believe in relationships of at least 12 months to instigate proper continuity and apply our in-depth know-how. At the same time, we look forward to incrementing the link to a long-term relationship that could create more confidence between the parties.

The critical element for this is the continual improvement of the company and service. We consider the customer’s feedback throughout the process.

By scheduling an appointment, you can understand better how we get multiple big brains to design a solution or several solutions for you. Creating a plan will allow us to define if your needs require individual talent from our certified specialists, a whole team of engineers, or the entire IT department across different types of resources. In the end, CRG’s Managed Service is one of the company’s possibilities for customers to rely on. We a

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