The four biggest mistakes candidates make on LinkedIn

The four biggest mistakes candidates make on LinkedIn

If you want to be an attractive and eligible candidate for companies looking for talent, you may wonder when to use LinkedIn, what is its purpose, or how to update it.

That’s why we will tell you about the most common mistakes people make in this professional network. So that you can avoid them and companies can find you more easily.

Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes

-Incomplete profiles: If you want companies to notice you, make sure to include all the valuable information that will encourage a company to consider you as a potential hire.

Be sure your profile reflects your latest training and certifications, as well as any other courses or training that sets you apart from other candidates. Please don’t be shy!

-Multiple active jobs at the same time: Check the dates and make sure that three active jobs are not appearing at the same time. It can be not very clear for the employer or recruiting company. A first impression is never forgotten.

Be sure to list your work experience chronologically. Demonstrate that you are a job seeker hungry for a new opportunity.

-Descriptions that are not engaging: Have you noticed that the description and photography of a product can make a difference? The same applies to people, so you should pay attention to this aspect.

You should be as detailed as possible when describing the position you held so that your future employer knows what your areas of expertise are and how you can add value to their company.

They forget to take full advantage of their strengths: LinkedIn gives you the option of tagging your skills to your profile. Your employer or recruiter will be able to find you faster this way.

It also enables your professional contacts to validate your qualifications and skills publicly.

Ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level?

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