Meet CRG’s high standards when recruiting

Our motto is “Talent that fits and enhances your company.” With this in mind, in CRG we work with high standards when recruiting to ensure we can find the perfect candidate that a company needs to succeed.

We hire more than for our internal needs. We are specialists in customized recruitment according to each company’s needs, as Talent Search is one of our primary services. The same goes for Staff Augmentation, a process in which CRG’s employees work for other companies with CRG’s benefits.
Here you can learn more about the differences between our recruitment methodologies:

  • Talent Search: We look for talent by applying detailed filters. The following steps include a selection of candidates, an interview calendar and coordination between the candidate and the company’s recruitment team. In the end, the third-party company selects and hires the one candidate they think is their best option. CRG participates just as an intermediary.
  • Staff Augmentation: CRG hires employees in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala with CRG’s benefits, including internal communication, occasional activities and participation in specialization opportunities. The employee nevertheless will work full time with third parties in another country.

Working with high standards

There are 15 steps that CRG defined to build your company’s dream team. This process is part of both Talent Search and Staff Augmentation processes. Ultimately, the objective looks to standardize criteria and find the ideal candidates.

Gabriel Chinchilla, CRG’s Recruitment Manager for Latam, explains how interviews are designed: “When we meet the companies for whom we need to look for candidates, we first understand their expectations, and we learn about their culture and their language. Therefore, we conduct interviews aligned to these elements. We make sure people feel comfortable and welcomed throughout the process”.

Our 15 steps process 

While we became specialists in customized recruitment we built a 15-steps list that we take into account when recruiting:

Recruitment Strategy

1.  Intake Call with Client to understand Business, Culture, and Talent Acquisition needs.

2.  Leverage Networks of our Internal Recruiters.

3.  Industry-Leading Recruiting Automation Software.

4.  Source from the Industry-Leading Recruitment Platforms

5.  Source from the Industry-Leading Social Media Platforms.

Candidate Development & Screening

6.  Attract Candidates through our ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign.

7.  Market Opportunity to Qualified Candidates.

8.  Conduct Interviews with Qualified Candidates

Candidate presentation

9.  Submit Top C5 (Culture, Character, Competency, Compensation & Closeable) Candidates to Client

Interview Process Management

10.  Schedule Candidate interviews with Client (Phone, Video, and/or On-Site) 

Offer Management

11.  Conduct an Offer Call with the Finalist Candidate and Secure Offer Acceptance.

Advanced Screening of Selected Candidate

12.  Conduct Reference Transcripts for Selected Candidate.

13.  Conduct Background Check for Selected Candidate.

14.  Conduct Drug Screen for Selected Candidate if Required.

Career Transition Management

15.  Manage Resignation, Counteroffer, and Career Transition.

Our Recruitment Team has hired over 140 new employees from January to September. The most significant part of this amount belongs to Staff Augmentation, internal recruiting goes in second place, and finally Talent Search.

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