Learn more about our B.O.T recruiting model

Learn more about our B.O.T recruiting model

In CRG customized recruiting is one of our specialties. B.O.T. (build, operate and transfer) is among the models we have developed in-depth. It’s just one model we work with, as Staff Augmentation and other forms of Talent Search mean different contracts and conditions. In every case, the Talent and Recruitment teams handle the cases. They provide services attached to the motto: “Talent that fits and enhances your company.” 

In every case, we look for talent by applying detailed filters. This includes selecting candidates, an interview calendar and coordination between the candidate and the company’s recruitment team. Let’s review the different options available among our services, including the BOT recruiting model.

Staff Augmentation

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed managing the Staff Augmentation model. In this case, CRG hires employees in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala with CRG’s benefits, including internal communication, occasional activities and participation in specialization opportunities. The employee nevertheless, will work full-time with third parties in another country.

Regular recruiting

The third-party company selects and hires the candidates they think are their best option. CRG participates just as an intermediary, as the person will work, from day one, for the third party.


We hire employees to work on CRG’s payroll while the client is establishing its operation. This way, the workforce gets used to the internal processes, their new functions and the required adaptation without losing time. The professional contract transitions to the new company as soon as the client is ready to receive them in the B.O.T. recruiting model.

Who is looking for the B.O.T. model?

The client’s profile interested in the B.O.T. model is mainly a company about to set up its operations in Costa Rica after developing a deep benchmark with other countries in the region. 

They need their employees to be in the same country, with a job contract and a Free Trade Zone model. CRG is well-trained regarding the Free Trade Zone specifications, which means that we guide the clients in the specifications throughout the process. In this, we also consider some advantages that the model provides for those companies interested in investing in the coastal provinces instead of the urban ones. 

Companies understand the benefits of Costa Rica as the location for their operations and for its political, economical and social conditions. If a company is doubtful about this, we can provide information on the context and expectations they could have.

Who are we hiring?

In CRG there is no limit regarding the profiles, positions, or locations of the talent we are looking for. During previous experiences, we’ve looked for professionals in technology, finance recruitment and operations, among several others.

In B.O.T.’s case, one element must be considered regarding the employees and their relationship with the employer. Transparency with the collaborators is a vital part of the process. It happens as their first contract (with CRG) will be terminated for them to be hired by the company they will be working with. In both moments of their professional experience, they will always be on payroll and not as freelancers or in a professional services contract.

When does the B.O.T relation finish? 

Gabriela Martínez, Business Development Representative of CRG says that “in the best scenario we carry aftercare for several months to make sure that the transition occurred smoothly and that both the employees and the company are satisfied. This goes for a year, maximum”. 

Regarding the cost of the B.O.T. recruiting model, we have different rates. For example, since day one we have defined a top of a 9-month term to implement B.O.T. On the other hand, throughout the first nine months, there is an additional fee that changes between 12% and 18%. The percentage depends on the moment of the contract. If you want to learn more about this service, reach out for additional details.

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