Is this the best time for your company to hire IT-managed services?

Is this the best time for your company to hire IT-managed services?

If you’re looking for a new outsourcing solution to handle some of your IT responsibilities, this is the time to do it.

To hire IT-managed services, you need to have some relevant information that will allow you to understand better what you should look for and what you’ll receive.

  • When the company checks their spending for the operative costs of having in-house specialists for the same services you could outsource. These spendings are often significant because of the specialization level the personnel requires.
  • The company requires a solution that handles incidents and events and provides customer support to internal teams and the final user.
  • Integration must include third parties, tool licensing and IT service on-site. This also means standardization of tools and processes.
  • There is a need for more data. This includes a more precise scope of work, quote development, cost analysis and information on margins and profits.

Why is CRG the solution you’re looking for?

Understanding that your company might be in one of the scenarios we just mentioned, in CRG we have the experience needed to implement a customized solution. We start looking for gaps and new opportunities that fit better for the specific needs. 

Our expertise in different fields allows us to adapt our personnel to specific specializations. For example, we have collaborators certified in Fortinet, Avaya and Cisco. As a consequence, we can handle multi-brand requirements and each of these brands’ specific capabilities or branches. This happens with wireless, IP technology, or datacenter.
According to Daniel Álvarez, Managed Services Solutions Architect from CRG, knowing the client and what it’s looking for is vital to adapt and adjust the service. The first step is an interview in which the client communicates what it’s lacking or what he wants to improve. 

If the relationship starts, CRG’s specialists will participate according to what is required. Agents belong to three levels (1, 2 and 3), and each incident requires a different level of a certified specialist. In some occasions, they require a visit to the location, in others, remote work for several continuous hours will be enough.

In CRG we have certifications like ISO 7001, about information guard, and we apply methodologies like ITIL. These characteristics give us an advantage in the market and certify the quality of our services.

The solutions the companies look for

Among the cases we receive from our clients that look to hire Managed Services, several o them repeat constantly:

  • Helpdesk, or frontline: helping the final user of a platform, device or service.
  • Incident request: a manager generates a ticket for the third party to bring a solution for problems with switching, the router, or any other device or operations
  • Network monitoring: sometimes requires incident management using tools like remote endpoint management.
  • Devices or platform updates: this happens to wireless connections and/or infrastructure. 

If you’re looking to outsource IT Managed Services, reach out to make an appointment. Therefore, this will allow us to understand your needs better.

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