How can CRG’s Staff Augmentation help you?

How can CRG’s Staff Augmentation help you?

Next to Managed Services and IT Engineering, Talent is one of CRG’s most relevant services. When a company is looking for ways to recruit and acquire talented employees, we find the right candidate that the business is looking for. 

This service allows third parties to save time and money in recruiting. We take the contractor role, hiring professionals for other companies in the figure of temporary staff. This is what we call Staff Augmentation. It’s a way to help your company remain competitive and respond to market demands.

Amanda Leandro, Manager of Nearshore Talent Services, has led this department since six years ago, finding the best candidates for nearshore positions. Currently, CRG has more than 110 employees working in the model of Nearshore services for different companies. 

“I handle external clients in places such as the United States, Canada, and several countries in Latam. They are looking for professionals with specific expertise located in similar time zones to save costs and improve efficiency”, she explains.

The candidates you’re looking for

In most cases, the professionals are hired full-time by CRG in Costa Rica, though they will handle tasks from other companies. CRG has also hired people in other countries like Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala. 

In CRG we can also find candidates for offshore (different continents) and inner shore positions (on other locations in the same country).

With CRG’s Staff Augmentation, our company becomes the connection between the talent in one place and the company in another. We make sure to meet requirements to operate in a foreign country so that the employees are legally protected. 

One would think that CRG is known for doing the Staff Aumentagtion process mainly for technology roles, such as hardware and software specialists. However, the truth is that we have conducted the process for further industries, like accountancy, customer service and many others.

How are we helping on both sides?

We help throughout the process, from seeking new talent or opening a new office through the completion of the hiring phase. In addition, staff augmentation includes access to a full suite of enterprise-level tools. It includes LinkedIn Gold subscription, Top Jobs listenings and Monster Career Builder. This wide range of benefits ensures the formation of complete professionals constantly seeking improvement.

Another attractive aspect of our involvement includes some decisions that make the workplace (even in virtual modality) a better place to work at. For example, even the employees working for a different company in the staff augmentation mode are allowed to be part of CRG’s gatherings for social and professional matters. 

“We involve employees, so they feel part of at least one of the sides involved in the formula. Usually, third-party employees have been moved aside for social activities and internal communication. In our case, we make sure for them to feel part of the organization”, Leandro explains.

Growth opportunities

Employees have more benefits with this link between CRG and third parties. For example, the possibility for them to be represented by a local company that talks in their language. That’s not it, as, at the same time, CRG connects them to companies abroad. 

Working in the CRG’s Staff Augmentation model will never impede moving forward through the career path. Professionals could still apply for different positions on other accounts. They can even ask for a pay raise or a promotion.

“From our side, we will always look to improve everyone’s condition, both the employees and the clients”, adds the Nearshore Manager

They are networking benefits from the nearshore relations. CRG links professionals whose skills are required by high-level companies in other countries. 

“It’s easier for us to reach a big company needing personnel than for an independent worker to learn that they are looking for someone with their skills,” adds Leandro. The latter has built a pipeline to improve and increase the possibilities of managing nearshore relations.

For those companies interested in CRG’s staff augmentation service, you can contact our specialized team. Check out our website by filling out a quick form that will allow us to reach you back. 

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