Five opportunities to ensure the best connectivity

Five opportunities to ensure the best connectivity

Connectivity has always been relevant. However, after the pandemic, everything changed when considering the standards for network infrastructure.

Demand for broadband communication services has increased significantly. The most popular Internet operators experienced as much as a 60% increase in Internet traffic (Internet exchange points (IXPs)). This number comes out when comparing the traffic during pre-pandemic times. 

The changes are understandable when you think about the growing remote workforce that requires internet-based technologies to work from home. 

Alejandra Canales, Account Manager in CRG, says: “If many companies had a hard time during the pandemic, it was due to problems with connectivity. Most of them were not prepared to handle the challenge of providing their employees with solutions for their devices. Many clients brought up agile solutions that weren’t exactly what they needed”. 

Changes involve significant challenges for network operators and governments around the world. It’s a fact that connectivity and communication services will have lasting effects even after the pandemic, while remote and hybrid work options are the new normal. Researchers at Ladders came to some findings when looking at remote work, demonstrating that ensuring the best connectivity is more critical than ever.

  • 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022.
  • Remote opportunities will continue to increase through the year 2023.
  • While remote chances leaped from under 4% of all high-paying jobs before the pandemic, now it is more than 15%.

What do about the Internet and the connectivity?

An increased reliance accompanies the lasting effects of the increased remote workforce on VPNs and collaboration platforms.

The Organization for Economic Co-operating and Development (OECD) observes that it is critical to attend to the broadband networks’ capability under the unprecedented situation. “The underlying Internet infrastructure is also facing unprecedented demands. One critical element of this infrastructure is IXPs, a “bulk traffic exchange crossroads where multiple networks connect (to exchange traffic),” indicates the Organization.

In the past days, adopting the cloud, software, and cloud security would be enough to bring a solution. The roadmap accelerated when thinking about digitalization and connectivity trends. It is vital to embrace modern emerging technologies when making decisions. 

In CRG, we implemented several adaptations to ensure the best service that clients look for. Alejandra Canales explains more on how we improved our service to attend to the needs in a customized way: “In CRG, we understood that expectations about the Internet changed rapidly, even on the most basic tasks that require connectivity. Therefore, we were capable of customizing solutions, taking advantage of our CWNE (Rafael Torres), one of the few people in the world with this certification.” 

“Optimizing networks and connectivity are one of our top services, including Wireless.LAN, as we have a deep understanding and experience creating solutions. Our clients come from different industries, including health, hospitality, entertainment, education and real estate. Wherever connectivity is needed, we are capable of coming up with a solution.”

This is what you can do now

The following are five opportunities to consider when looking for solutions: 

  1. Upgrade the fixed broadband capacity. Think not only about the employees working from home. Other home network uses, including streaming and e-commerce, are also important when bringing a solution. 
  2. To enhance network stability and resilience, network operators and content providers must ensure access to communication equipment. In addition, data centers and the mobility of technicians to customers’ homes should be part of this solution. 
  3. Software-defined solutions are vital. Think on SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). They will help you deploy flexibility and agility with the secure element needed.
  4. Cloud solutions are beneficial to every-size business. They promote collaboration, add insights and data, and the benefits it brings are measurable. This is related to what future networks will aim to emulate.  
  5. VPN and collaborative platforms enable teams to stay connected. Users can join groups to improve their communication and one-on-one connections. Think on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Cisco Webex.
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