Conduct customer journeys across channels and improve their engagement

Conduct customer journeys across channels and improve their engagement

CRG works directly with Five9. It is the partner that adds its intelligent cloud contact center service to our portfolio of services.

Recently the company deployed its enhanced version of the platform that includes an omnichannel customer engagement.

The main innovations create fluid experiences across digital and voice channels. It benefits businesses to deliver a more engaging and unified customer journey when it changes from virtual and live agents. Another improvement is the option to use integrated analytics that will optimize interactions. 

Was an improvement of this nature necessary? The customer tends to suffer or get a negative experience of the service when the service is fragmented between self-service, digital, or voice contacts (the last two are the assisted channels).

Collaborative intelligence allows the integration of multiple touchpoints but also includes real-time analytics and business intelligence.

How new features work

The starting point for this improvement initiative is that, most of the time, the companies need help with surfing over the complexities of integrating multiple touchpoints across both self-service and assisted channels.

With the newest version of Five9 services, companies can transform self-service on the voice channel into a multimodal experience more effortlessly. For this to happen, Five9 takes advantage of the interaction between Five9 Digital IVA and Five9 Messenger. The mix between these technologies improves the possibility for the customers to send and receive information. Formats include images, documents, videos, audio, and other forms of information, even adding a location or a button that redirects to a link. 

These are some of the new benefits of omnichannel customer engagement:

  • Real-time language translation.
  • Developer tools for Five9 IVA Studio users.
  • Integrated analytics to optimize interactions. 
  • Rich media for digital and voice channels.

Use the Studio

Additionally, Five9 counts with its ​​Intelligent virtual assistants Studio (Five9 IVA Studio). It’s a low-code platform that allows anyone with access to building IVA applications. The newest version is more collaborative than the previous, with tools that provide more visibility into applications’ edit histories and information on who else on the same team is editing the same project.

It supports more Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines to give customers flexibility and choice when building applications, allowing users to select the best engine for their use case. 

In CRG, we are glad about the improvements conducted, as they allow us, as a company, to provide our clients with a better cloud service. At the same time, the users will enjoy an enhanced customer journey, affecting their engagement. Look for more services provided by CRG

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